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It’s more than just whitening! The first and only soap that detoxifies, exfoliates and bleaches at the same time. Our premium soap powerfully combines the deep-cleansing and skin-detoxifying element of activated charcoal, the skin-illuminating arbutin, licorice, and glutathione, the anti-bacterial formula of tea tree oil, plus natural fruit extracts and exfoliating beads. Use it on the face and body. Hydroquinone-free and mercury-free.

This beauty bar contains a combination of over 12 unique and organic ingredients for a result that’s more than just whitening. Its exfoliating properties are also proven to remove pimples, scars, and blemishes. Use on the face and all over the body.

We create our soaps via the cold process method to keep valuable nutrients. Delicately scented, ideal for all skin types. Guaranteed effective with no harmful side effects.

For best results, use together with our KEVLO body whitening products.


  • Glutathione, arbutin, and licorice whiten and illuminate the complexion of your skin.
  • Pomegranate and cherry exfoliating beads gently exfoliate the skin to scrub off dead skin cells, revealing fresher skin.
  • Activated charcoal “pulls out” and detoxifies hard-to-reach dirt from deep within the pores.
  • Snail gel extract soothes, regenerates, and heals the skin.
  • Natural fruit oils and plant extracts derived from the zest of pomegranates, apples, and oranges, sunflower seeds, and Centella (Gotu kola) provide rich nourishment to the skin and act as powerful antioxidants to make you look younger.


Use as a bath soap. Preferably let it stay for 5 minutes on your skin before rinsing. For facial use, do not leave on the face for more than 10 seconds. For best results, use it twice a day.

What You'll Get:

  • 1 MW Soap

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