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Underarm Whitening Toner


A skin brightening toner specifically made for underarms. It tones and cleanses to remove the build-up of bacteria and chemical residue from the consistent application of antiperspirants.

Get optimally cleaner and brighter underarm skin area with the KEVLO Underarm Whitening Toner. It has an antiseptic formula that gets rid of bacteria that causes unpleasant odors and prevents the build-up of residue from your antiperspirants. It also preps the skin and smoothes it, leaving you feeling freshly aerated and squeaky clean.


  1. Wash your underarm area. Allow skin to dry.
  2. Using cotton pads, apply a small amount, and gently wipe the underarm area.
  3. Repeat until no traces of dirt can be found on the cotton.

We recommend using this twice a day (morning and evening).

For best results, use the Underarm Whitening Set.


What You’ll Get 1 × Underarm Whitening Toner
Packed As Individual Product
Ingredients Propylene Glycol, Deionized Water, Arbutin, Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide), Natural Whitening Fruit Extracts

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