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Underarm Whitening Set


Get whiter underarms safely, gently, and effectively. We’ve put together three of our most effective underarm skin whitening products to help you resolve your underarm problem and reveal a lighter, even-toned underarms. You will exude confidence when your underarms look whiter and cleaner.

Ever notice that some of us have even skin tone on the rest of our body yet have underarms that are way too dark in comparison? Shaving, waxing, tweezing, friction, and depilatory creams cause trauma to the skin, resulting in a darker skin tone as the skin thickens to protect itself from further damage. Restrictive clothing and skin chaffing also causes the skin to darken. This skin darkening is often a source of embarrassment, especially when the area of darkened skin is visible to others.

KEVLO introduces a breakthrough set in underarm whitening that eliminates dark spots while bleaching the skin’s outer layer. Use the scent-free Sweat Away Deodorant at the start of the day to whiten and prevent excessive perspiration; apply the Underarm whitening Toner to tone, cleanse and fight bacteria and the Underarm Whitening Cream to eliminate dark pigmentation.


  • Clinically formulated to whiten effectively in as fast as 14 days
  • Fights hyperpigmentation at the cellular level with concentrated whitening ingredients
  • Prevents redness (erythema) caused by shaving and plucking
  • Hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested


  1. Use the Sweat Away Deodorant at the start of the day to whiten and prevent excessive perspiration.
  2. At bedtime, apply the Underarm Whitening Toner to tone, cleanse and fight bacteria.
  3. Let it dry. Finally, apply Underarm Whitening Cream to eliminate dark pigmentation.

 What You'll Get:

  • Sweat Away Deodorant
  • Underarm Whitening Toner
  • Underarm Whitening Cream

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