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Body Acne Solution Set


Don’t stop your anti-acne skincare routine at your face. Eliminate breakouts all over the body with the Body Acne Solution Set. This powerful combination penetrates deep into the skin to control and prevent breakouts and can clear up even tough-to-treat body acne cases. Formulated to help keep the body free of acne as part of KEVLO’s skincare system for healthy skin from head to toe.

Chest, shoulder, or back acne, sometimes called “bacne,” is more common in physically active individuals. It can be worsened by constant rubbing from shoulder straps and athletic equipment. Severe cystic acne on the torso is generally more common in males and tends to scar easily.

Combining KEVLO’s powerful anti-acne and gentle exfoliation properties, this set has been exclusively prepared to combat and control breakouts on the dermis, including those deeper pores on the body, back, chest, or even the arms and legs.


  1. Wash your entire body with Prime Soap. For areas with acne and pimples, work the soap to a rich lather and leave on for 3 to 5 minutes and rinse off.
  2. Apply Clarifying Lotion on affected areas using cotton.
  3. Apply a small amount of Acne Cream on areas of your body with acne.

For best results, use twice a day.

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